Corporate Treasury
The role of Corporate Treasury Centre (CTC) for a multinational corporation is in demand, as its main duty is to manage and optimize the company’s liquidity, consolidate risk management across functions to reduce profit & loss volatility and to achieve greater operational efficiency.

Hong Kong has always been an ideal hub for setting up a CTC and carrying out intra-group financing activities because of its world-class financial infrastructure, its proximity to mainland China, efficient capital and foreign exchange markets and an extensive pool of talents of treasury, banking and asset management.

Also, you can benefit from its simple low-tax regime and additional tax incentives catering to CTCs which were introduced in 2016 (tax deduction on interest payments to overseas associated corporations for companies carrying on an intra-group financing business, and an attractive 8.25% profit tax rate for qualifying CTCs compared to 10% in Singapore). To find out how your corporate treasury activities can be considered “qualified”, please contact us for more details.

At Mühler McKay, with a great deal of understanding on the related complicated rules, we are well positioned to structure your international business and groups of companies and set up your corporate treasury centre (CTC) in Hong Kong.

We first conduct a review study to evaluate if it makes commercial sense to restructure your business, analyse costs vs benefits. Then we can help incorporate your company, and review all tax requirements e.g. CTC eligibility analysis, withholding tax planning, corporate income tax implications of setting a CTC and more.

We do the heavy lifting work of tax-efficient planning and strategy so you do not have to.