Immigration & Visa
At Mühler McKay, we have broad experience and cultural understanding in immigration and visa matters in Hong Kong. If you plan to move to Hong Kong to run your company or hire employees overseas, the most common types of visa you will need is work visa or investment visa.

We will help you navigate through the complexity of consideration factors the Hong Kong Immigration Department takes into account. It is the employer who must carry out the application process, not the employee. It is worth mentioning that a Hong Kong work visa is non-transferable from one company to another. If your employee is no longer working in your company, your company is obligated to notify the Immigration Department and your employee’s visa is no longer valid.

Self-employed entrepreneurs can consider applying for an investment visa. We can guide you through the visa application process to build your case with necessary paperwork e.g. your professional experience, proposed business activities, investment capital, as well as handle the application on your behalf with local authorities.