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Family and Legacy Planning and Philanthropic Structures Services

When family businesses transition to the next generation structured legacy panning that takes the family situation in consideration is important to preserve family wealth.

Mühler McKay has broad experience in setting up entities aimed at managing family wealth and preserving family legacy. Our objective is to bring a legacy vision in a setting to protect and secure business interests and family wealth. We ensure that the investments of the family, business decisions, and philanthropic undertakings are in harmony with the family goals and legacy planning and assists with:

  • Wealth transfer structuring

As a part of our family and legacy planning and philanthropic structures services we help you with structuring of your wealth in general. Also, we advise you for secure and tax efficient structuring in order to maximise your profits.

  • Wealth holding structuring

The security of your wealth is extremely important for your success, however, with the careful and intelligent structuring of your assets, your profits can further be maximised.

  • Supporting services

Mühler McKay also provides supporting services for business operations such as assistance with incorporation services / company formation services, advising on tax efficient legal structures for (groups of) companies (corporations, for instance a Hong Kong Limited Company, partnerships, branches, representative offices), bookkeeping and accounting (according to Hong Kong principles) as well as audit arrangement, general corporate compliance like provision of company secretary services (in Hong Kong) as well as providing a registered address or virtual office in Hong Kong, obtaining obligatory registrations, permits and licenses, as well as employment advice, including Hong Kong work visa application and general guidance.

Mühler McKay understands the impact of a business transition and potential issues. We focus on the development of a transition and legacy plan with business owners. Our family and legacy planning and philanthropic structures services include needs assessments, planing and implementation of structures and procedures. We can assist in the establishment of an appropriate structure for such purposes and have the needed knowledge of asset protection structures and charitable vehicles. Mühler McKay always keeps the unique personal, family and business situation in mind when designing and developing structured solutions.

Please contact us or visit us in Hong Kong for your first consultation for our family and legacy planning and philanthropic structures services.

Mühler McKay based in Hong Kong is a business advisory firm with worldwide reach and renders, among others, family and legacy planning and philanthropic structures services to a diversified international client base from various industries and sizes.