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Incorporation Services / Company Formation Services in Hong Kong

Corporate matters are of utmost importance for your international business. Having the ideal corporate structure set up to run your business will smoothen the operation and will have a positive impact on your business needs.

Mühler McKay, based in Hong Kong has key competences in this important field. Our goal is to navigate you through the complexity of international incorporation services and company formation services questions, to protect and secure your business position in the market and to guide you through the obstacles and opportunities arising in regard to your international corporate structure.

Mühler McKay can help structure your international business and groups of companies for your business success, in addition we can review existing structures and provide international incorporation services / company formation services to meet your specifications. Our advisors understand the complicated international regulations and are able to advise you in an understandable way on the advantages, disadvantages, potential issues and chances that potentially arise for your multi-national business.

We offer the full range of incorporation services and company formation services:

  • Incorporation services / company formation services

We offer incorporation services / company formation services in Hong Kong and in all important jurisdictions around the world.

  • Shelf companies

Ready-made shelf companies are available upon request.

  • Group Structuring

We can help you with structuring your group of companies and your entire business or operations in a secure and tax efficient manner. Also, we advise you for secure and tax efficient project structuring and advise on a tax efficient exit strategy order to maximise your profits.

  • Holding Structures

We offer incorporation services / company formation services for Property or IP Holding structures. The security of your Intellectual Property is extremely important for your business success, however, with the careful and intelligent structuring of your intangible assets, your business can further maximise profits and outperform the competition.

  • Supporting services

Mühler McKay also provides supporting services for business operations such as assistance with incorporation services / company formation services, advising on tax efficient legal structures for (groups of) companies (corporations, for instance a Hong Kong Limited Company, partnerships, branches, representative offices), bookkeeping and accounting (according to Hong Kong principles) as well as audit arrangement, general corporate compliance like provision of company secretary services (in Hong Kong) as well as providing a registered address or virtual office in Hong Kong, obtaining obligatory registrations, permits and licenses, as well as employment advice, including Hong Kong work visa application and general international tax services.

Mühler McKay is always informed about relevant changes as well as newest developments about incorporation services and company formation services topics and the chances and risks arising in this regard for you. Our international team of specialised experts thoroughly provides you with complete corporate advise, tailor-made to your needs in relation to incorporation services and company formation services. We advise internationally and in complex cross-border situations. Our expertise and knowledge enables us to deliver practical advise and solutions to your incorporation services and company formation services needs. It is our aim to always go beyond your expectations to ensure your objectives are met.

Our incorporation services and company formation services assist you with your new business entity or setting up your joint venture with shared investments, distributed management responsibilities and shared risks. Especially in jurisdictions in which foreign investments are restricted or where the nature of the business activity is substantially Government controlled, the opportunity of having exposure to diverse management skills and advanced technology at lower production costs through joint ventures will sustain your business growth. Additionally, we advise on multi-jurisdictional M&A transactions. Mühler McKay also assist in all relevant agreements between the involved parties. It is our believe that advise based on practicality and commercial sense is most valuable to you. Therefore you can rest assured to get advise tailor made for your unique situation and your unique needs.

Incorporation services and company formation services matters should always be seen in conjunction with questions and topics in regard to Intellectual Property rights, International Commercial / Contracts / Agreements and our Tax Services. Our integrated approach ensures that all relevant questions will be addressed and taken care of.

We appreciate the opportunity to consult you in regard to our incorporation services / company formation services and to assist you with your new business.

Please contact us or visit us in Hong Kong for your first consultation for our incorporation services / company formation services.

Mühler McKay based in Hong Kong is a business advisory firm with worldwide reach and renders, among others, incorporation services / company formation services to a diversified international client base from various industries and sizes.